Domain Listing Service

Introducing new Domain Listing Service.

At Brands.International we sourced some of the most interesting investment domain names for new generation of investors.

It is possible now also for 3rd parties to list domain names on our website.

There are 2 possibilities: Standard Listing and Featured Listing. 

Listing of names is not automatic – only best names which pass our strict selection process will be listed. See more details below.

Standard Listing Details
$39.99for 1 Year

Standard Listing

Featired Listing Details
$79.99for 1 Year

Featured Listing




Please Note:  


We are listing only the best new gTLD domain names. 

There is a limited amount of space on our website, therefore we reject almost all of the applications





1. Please send the list of the domains you like to be listed to

2. Our CEO will review the names and will select those eligible (the domains which are in quality par with names already on our website)

3. Once names are accepted, an email with payment details will be sent to you. 

Payment is possible only via Paypal, Revolut, or standard bank transfer at the moment

4. After the payment for the selected domain is received, the logo will be created by us, the domain will be listed on our website, and social media post(s) will be created as well. Duration of the listing is 1 year. 

5. 95% of submitted domains are not accepted, as we only accept the best possible names. Even much more strict criteria apply to Featured Domains selections. We do not provide reasons why names were not accepted.

6. Domains listed with us are marked in green color.

7. We do not do brokerage services for your domain names – you pay solely for their manual listing at our website, their logo creation, and social media promotional posts. 

8. Therefore, you must have a functional landing page for your domains, where potential buyers can contact you. 




1. Brands.International is one of the most active contributors to the new gTLD space. We are actively selling and buying new gTLD domain names, making massive marketing efforts on social media in order to sell our own names. This brings a lot of qualified leads to our website.

2. Your names do not compete with millions of other domain names on our website. We are a boutique enterprise, and so your names will, at most, compete only with our own names. This is extremely important and can significantly boost the chances of selling your new gTLD domain names, as potential buyers of our own names will see your names listed as well.

3. In our opinion, the best candidates for listing are high-quality names with higher renewal fees ($100-$1000+/year). For such domains listing probably makes sense, and the $39,99/$79,99 listing fees might be justified, as they get some exposure in relevant circles, which might result in a faster sale.

4. When you own domain names with low renewal fees, and you can keep them very comfortable for years to come, we encourage you to think twice before submitting – after all, we believe that domain prices will only rise in the future, so in some cases, it is better not to rush the sales. The domain you can sell today for $10k you might be maybe able to sell for $100k in ten years’ time. But if you wish to speed up the process despite that anyway, such domain then can be, of course, listing candidates as well.


Invest in domain names which bring great ROI.

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