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 Brands.International is a private domain name marketplace. We are proud to deliver some of the best new domain names, also known as new gTLDs. Some of our domains are for sale or lease (we are open to offers), while for others we have the interest to develop them. If interested in a particular domain name, or in a potential joint-venture, please contact us for a non-binding consultation.


Brands.International Management Team

Marek Eckhaus

Founder and CEO
Marek is the CEO and Founder of Brands.International, operating from the beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic. He is private new gTLD investor, regular contributor to Medium & TLDInvestors, and active contributor to Namepros. Marek’s domain investment venture works closely with business owners, domain investors, and marketing experts worldwide. Brands.International delivers innovative strategies to increase their business, achieve high ROI, and boost their online presence using new gTLDs.

NFT Acquision Division

Stealth mode
Brands.International supports swaps of NFTs for our domain names. If you are artist, or owner of relevant NFTs which are supported by us, please contact us for more details. You might be able to get otherwise very expensive domain name in exchange for your NFTs. At the moment we accept mainly items from following collections: 1. CryptoPunks 2. HashMasks 3. Mooncats 4. Bastard Gan Punks V2.

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Consultancy to Registries & General Queries

Questions & Answers:

1. Important Note:

The availability and price of the domain names are always subject to negotiation. If you like any name, write to us at invest@brands.international to start a conversation.

2. What are the new gTLD domain names, or so-called “new gTLDs” or “new generation of domain names”?

Simply put: A new gTLD domain name is a global domain name that does not end in .com, .net, or .org.

Nearly 1,000 new options have been made available in the last few years. They range from the professional (.news) to the industry-specific (.photo) to trendy (.life) to international (.world) to fun (.guru).

3. Why do we need new gTLDs?

If you’ve tried to register a ‘dot-com’ domain recently, you understand the frustration. It’s hard to find a good domain name that isn’t already taken.

It was time to expand Internet geography, so to speak. Especially as more and more startups and personal brands are coming online. Pretty much everyone needs a website nowadays, and the digital city called ‘dot-com’ has gotten crowded. So new digital cities have been created to support Internet growth.

4. What is your portal’s main goal, and which clients do you serve?

We focus 100% on the new generation of domain names (also called new gTLD domain names, or new gTLDs), which are names like Alien.LifeParadise.WorldWealth.Expert or Sex.Link.

We built Brands.International for 3 categories of clients: business owners, domain investors, and online marketing experts, to provide them some of the best new domain names in one place. For us, all 3 groups of clients are very important, as we believe they all can greatly benefit from high-quality new domain names.

Business owners – in particular, Business Owners can get the beautiful, short, and clean world-class domain name from us, and use it as a new brand for their online business, thus getting more interest, leads, clicks, and engagement.

Investors – if you are Domain Investor, Investment Fund Administrator, Family Office, or Wealth Manager, we can help you with investment in a new generation of domain names, which in return can create resilient and safe diversification of your investment portfolio. 

Marketing Experts – and we also love to work with Marketing Experts, to share information together about how the new generation of meaningful, keyword-rich domain names can empower online marketing campaigns they run for their clients.

5. Will having a new gTLD domain name affect my search ranking?

In some cases, it can have a significant positive effect, as top new gTLDs are all about top keywords. Google has gone on the record saying: “new domain endings are not treated any differently than traditional domain name endings such as .com or .org. Domain names with new endings are shown in search just like any other domain name.” This means, if you get great keywords in new gTLDs, it has the same effect as getting great keywords in extensions like .com or .org. 

Keep in mind, however, that being “found” online isn’t pegged to your domain name alone. It’s part of a bigger SEO (a.k.a. search engine optimization) that puts tremendous value on website content, page load times, and longevity. Be smart and strategic with how you build, support, and optimize your website, and visitors will come.

6. Who is using new gTLD domains?

Some of the largest global companies, many celebrities, and a lot of professional athletes are now all-embracing new gTLD domain names for their respective brands and causes.  At the time of writing more than 30 mils new gTLD domain names are registered worldwide. The adoption is accelerating. 

Some examples include:

Alphabet (parent of Google) uses Abc.Xyz as its home page.

T-Mobile uses Tmobile.Careers for its global recruitment process.

The largest 2018 blockchain startup Block One is on Block.One.

Financial venture Swarm Fund is on Swarm.Fund.

5th largest cryptocurrency Chain Link is on Chain.Link

Lady Gaga’s non-profit is on BornThisWay.Foundation.

Pro golfer Danny Willett is at DannyWillett.Golf.

Social media sensation Michelle Phan is on Icon.Network.

Soccer phenom Ronaldo launched Ronaldo.Academy.

Apple uses Apple.Watch to sell its Apple Watch product.

7. Purchase process:

Once the agreement is reached, the transaction will be carried out using Escrow.com, a licensed and regulated online escrow company. Escrow.com acts like a middle man in the process, holding your payment until ownership of the domain is transferred to you. Alternatively, a transaction can be completed using the escrow service of Dan.com global domain marketplace.

8. Can I order an appraisal of the new gTLD name from you?

We prepare this service and it should be available in Summer 2021. For now, we wrote a detailed article about new gTLD appraisals here, and you can also check a few hundreds of new gTLD appraisals we have given at Namepros during past years – we hope it might be beneficial for you. All updates about our appraisal service will be posted here.

9. Will you broker my new gTLD name? I will pay you a 10% commission!

No. We do not do any brokerage services for 3rd parties. Chances are we own better names than your name – so there is no economical benefit for us to get a 10% commission from your name when we can get 100% profit from our own names. Saying that we have now a new service which in some cases can increase chances of sale for 3rd party names – our Listing service.

10. What domain names are most suitable to be listed at your site under your Listing Service?

In our opinion, the best candidates for our Listing service are high-quality names with higher renewal fees ($100-$1000+/year). For such domains listing probably makes sense, and the $39,99/$79,99 listing fees might be justified, as they get some exposure in relevant circles, which could result in a faster sale.

When you own domain names with low renewal fees, and you can keep them very comfortable for years to come, we encourage you to think twice before submitting – after all, we believe that domain prices will only rise in the future, so in some cases, it is better not to rush the sales. The domain you can sell today for $10k you might be maybe able to sell for $100k in ten years’ time. But if you wish to speed up the process despite that anyway, such domain then can be, of course, listing candidate as well.

11. I am a student and want to get rich in domain names – will you be my guru?

No. You must read all the available sources, everything is now available on the internet. There are no shortcuts to the try-and-fail approach, and in our honest opinion, no gurus can help you if you can not help yourself.

12. I am an investment fund manager and I want to have part of our assets allocated in new gTLD domain names – can you help me to pick the best ones?

Yes. Please send us an email to invest@brands.international to discuss our cooperation. We are able to analyze investment opportunities in great detail for you, while we can also (try to) prevent you from buying domain names which you think are a great investment, while we know they are not. It is very easy to buy the wrong domain names, particularly when you do not have enough experience. Cooperation with us can thus save you a lot of money. The hourly rate for consultancy work provided by our CEO starts at $400, so the cooperation is suitable if your investment budget starts at min. $50k -$100k.


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