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Questions & Answers:

What is a not-com, or so called “new domain”?

Simply put: A not-com is a domain extension that does not end in ‘dot-com’ (.com).

Now there are a variety of options joining ‘dot-com’ (.com) and ‘dot-org’ (.org) — two status quo extensions that have been around for some thirty years.

Nearly 1,000 new options have been made available in the last few years. They range from the professional (.agency) to the industry-specific (.photography) to trendy (.style) to international (.world) to fun (.guru).

Why do we need not-coms?

If you’ve tried to register a ‘dot-com’ domain recently, you understand the frustration. It’s hard to find a good domain name that isn’t already taken — or being held hostage by an investor looking to fetch a premium price from the highest bidder. 

It was time to expand the Internet geography, so to speak. Especially as more and more startups and personal brands are coming online. Pretty much everyone needs a website nowadays, and the digital city called ‘dot-com’ has gotten crowded. So new digital cities have been created to support Internet growth.

Will having a not-com website affect my search ranking in Google?

No. Google has gone on the record saying: “new domain endings are not treated any differently than traditional domain name endings such as .com or .org. Domain names with new endings are shown in search just like any other domain name.” 

Keep in mind, being “found” online isn’t pegged to your domain name alone. It’s part of a bigger SEO (a.k.a. search engine optimization) that puts tremendous value on website content, page load times and longevity. Be smart and strategic with how you build, support and optimize your website, and visitors will come.

Who is using not-com domains?

Celebrities and professional athletes are also embracing not-com domains for their respective brands and causes. Some examples include:

  • Largest 2018 blockchain startup Block One is on Block.One.
  • Another large financial venture Swarm Fund is on Swarm.Fund.
  • Lady Gaga’s non-profit is on BornThisWay.foundation.
  • Pro golfer and 2016 Masters champion Danny Willett is at DannyWillett.golf.
  • Social media sensation Michelle Phan is building her global brand on Icon.network.
  • Retired international soccer phenom Ronaldo launched Ronaldo.academy.
  • Alphabet (parent company of Google) uses domain abc.xyz as its home page.

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