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Understand Your Own Magic Words
Future of New Domain Names in Voice Recognition and AI.

Since 2014, hundreds of new domain extensions (new domain names, or new gTLDs) were introduced into internet space. Now we can register domain names in extensions like .life, .world, .live, .online, .store, .xyz, or .photo. Read More

New gTLDs Appraisals

How to Correctly Appraise New Generation of Domain Names

Each domain investor should know the value of their domain names. Before 2014, we had 3 main domain extensions in internet space: .com, .net and .org. Domain names in those extensions have more-less the same yearly renewal fee (approximately $10), and as their sales were recorded in public sources for 30 years, it becomes easier and easier to appraise them. Read More

New gTLDs Business Usage

How Bad Website Address Is Damaging Your Organisation:

Domain Investing

TOP 10 mistakes new domain investors are still doing in 2020!: Each domain name is unique, and only very few people are able to continuously buy domain names which will sell at the aftermarket for significant ROI.  Read More

Domain Investing

11 Critical Points You Must Consider Before You Purchase Any Domain Name As An InvestmentAs a domain investor, I constantly see most people in our industry losing money. We need to constantly remind ourselves that in domain investing we make an important part of our profits when we buy the domain names. Read More

New gTLDs and Social Media

Social Media Influencers: This IS №1 Backup For Your Social Media. PeriodIf you are a social media influencer, you can lose years of your work, all your followers, and all your income: in one moment. Read More

Domain Investing

How to start with Domain Name Investing : Being a domain name investor since 2014, so many people ask me daily how to start with the domain name investing, what skills one needs to have, and, of course. Read More

Domain Investing

How to buy and sell domain names in 2020 :It is a well-known fact that investing in domain names can result in some of the highest ROI among all investment classes. In this article, I will introduce you to investing in so-called New gTLD domain names. Read More

Domains for Business Usage

How established .com businesses can greatly benefit from the new generation of domain names, and why they might want to use multiple domain names : Everyone who seriously invests in the new generation of domain names like .life, .world, or .expert Read More

Extracts from the new book: New Era Of Domain Investing

Domain Portfolio Building

New Era Of Domain Investing
Third Chapter: (Whales, Builders, and Flippers):

This is, of course, the million-dollar question. Different investors approach this very differently. As per my observation, there are basically 3 main groups of new gTLD domain investors: I will call the first group “Whales” (early investors, usually with a lot of money, usually long term investors), the second group “Flippers”(early or later investors, usually with not much money. Read More

Choice of Domain Extensions

New Era Of Domain Investing
Second Chapter: (Chaotic vs. Structured Domain Portfolios):

This is another of brief articles, which, as I hope, can help domain investors (mainly those who are just starting) to get some unbiased overview of investment opportunities, but also investment traps which one can face when investing in new gTLD domain names (which are domain names in extensions like .life, .world, .online, .store or .xyz). Read More

Choice of Domain Names

New Era Of Domain Investing
First Chapter: (Pizza.Elephant & Very Short Domains)

Hundreds of new gTLDs (also known as new generic top-level domains, new domain names, or a new generation of domain names: domains created in extensions like .life, .world, .online, store, or .poker) are available on the internet since 2014, and more than 35 million of them were since registered. Read More

Marek Eckhaus Published Interviews

Brands.International : An interview with the founder of a modern #domain branding company

Marek Eckhaus is the CEO and founder of Brands.International, operating from the beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic.

Marek’s domain investment company works closely with business owners, domain investors, and marketing experts worldwide. Brands.International delivers innovative strategies to increase their business, achieve high ROI, and boost their online presence using relevant new domain names. Read More

“…some new gTLD names are getting a lot of traffic each month, a lot of clicks, and are actually producing some nice parking revenues!”

Marek Eckhaus is the founder of Brands.International and resides in Prague. His company works with business owners worldwide on innovative strategies to increase their business and improve their online presence using relevant domain names. Marek has some interesting domains leveraging several of the gTLDs. I spent some time with Marek and learned about him and his business. Read More

Marek Eckhaus on Various Domaining Platforms

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