05.Sept.2020, Pennsylvania & Prague

Brands.International is pleased to announce that it’s CEO Marek Eckhaus has now become a regular contributor at

TLD Investors (originally known as, founded in October 2010) is regarded as one of the most authoritative sources for the domain industry.

Raymond Hackney, founder, and Editor-in-Chief of TLD Investors is also the most active news contributor to global domain forum, (known under name equity78), as well as the Managing Editor of another respected domain portal, He is one of the most prolific global domain commentators.

Marek Eckhaus is a private domain investor and founder and CEO of Brands.International, domain investment, and knowledge-sharing platform with 100% focus on new domain names. Marek is widely recognized for his profound expertise on new gTLDs and is their early adopter and large supporter.

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